Maria Savva produces beautifully handcrafted jewellery.  All pieces are individually designed in an elegant yet contemporary style and made using traditional silver smithing skills.


Maria studied History of Art at Birkbeck, University of London and Fine Art and Printmaking at the City Lit, Holborn. She then transitioned to Jewellery Making, taking the City and Guilds Structured Jewellery course at the City Lit as well as continuing her studies with various masterclasses, such as enamelling with Jesssica Turrell and resin jewellery with Kathie Murphy.

Her work reflects her background in printmaking and her love for textiles and wallpaper design. What interests her about them is the repeat pattern and geometric shapes. She also likes stained glass windows for the same reasons, plus the colours and contrasts they create, e.g. translucent and opaque, fragile yet strong at the same time.

Maria introduces surface pattern and texture into her work using the rolling mill or etching techniques. The contrast these different textures and surface finishes create is clearly visible in her work.